Odd and Strange Pictures From Google Street View

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Odd Pictures from Google’s Street View!


Titanic Q & A

Q: Why did Jack die but Rose live ??
A (Official): He loved her so he stayed in the icy water and let her stay
on the floating debris with coat and life jacket on.
A (Unofficial): She has more fat than he does

Q: Why did Rose throw away the 'Heart Of The Ocean' at the end??
A (Official): As in all love stories, love is held far above any treasure
on earth. The 'object' of love is returned to the 'love of
her life,' whose spirit lives on at the bottom of the ocean.
A (Unofficial): She finally realized it's just plastic.

Q: Why did the censors cut the nude scene ??
A (Official): So that the film will not have an R rating.
A (Unofficial): The sketch was better than the original.

Q: Why didn't Rose jump when she was teetering on the bow of the ship??
A (Official): Jack persuaded her not to.
A (Unofficial): She was actually afraid that she might smash her pretty
face on the propeller. (Remember her excuse for leaning too
far out that she slipped?)

Ok. This is one question that you will probably have to conjure up your
own answers because I myself can't figure out the answer as well.
Q: Why didn't the lights go off on the deck when the engine rooms were
already flooded?
A (Official):
A (Unofficial):